Did you know that there are Wanderful meetups in 15+ cities all over the world?

Here in New York, we’re proud to be the third-ever city to host a Wanderful (formerly Go Girl) meetup. Wanderful meetups are an excellent opportunity for independent, driven, and globally-minded women who love to travel to connect with each other. We organize happy hours, museum trips, festival visits, and more!

We are currently seeking those interested in joining our NYC team!

We are looking to fill the following four positions with enthusiastic, committed NYC-based women:

Membership Officer

• Shares the benefits of Wanderful’s membership program to prospective members and encourages other women to join Wanderful’s events as members or attendees.
• Conducts outreach to universities, travel organizations, and other networks to spread the word about Wanderful’s community.
• Manages member onboarding within the chapter.
• Develops strategies to bring in new members.
• Helps events officer with attracting new and current members to Wanderful’s activities and structuring members-only events.
• Connects with area companies that might be interested in participating in our preferred partnerships program.

Partnerships Officer

• Grows the impact of Wanderful in your city by building strategic partnerships with other local organizations.
• Connects any strong partnerships with Wanderful’s central operations for maximum exposure and benefit.
• Collaborates with the Membership Officer on key preferred partners and leveraging those relationships for Wanderful’s membership program.
• Helps Events Officer find sponsors and special guests for events in order to bring value, funding, and perks to local Wanderful activities.

Events Officer

• Organizes events for the Wanderful chapter at least once per month and ensures that at least one officer can be available for each event.
• Researches and reserves event spaces.
• Posts events on chapter site.
• Communicates with on-site staff.
• Manages logistics.
• Ensures that at least one board member is present at all events, acting as hostess and taking pictures.
• Works with Partnerships Officer to bring on event sponsors and special guests.
• Works with Membership Officer on developing members-only events.

Marketing Officer

• Spreads the word about Wanderful and Wanderful NYC’s activities throughout our NYC community.
• Utilizes social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook to promote Wanderful events and initiatives, in NYC, online and elsewhere.
• Promotes @sheswanderful Twitter handle and /sheswanderful Facebook page to newand existing members and friends of Wanderful.
• Initiates and facilitates discussions on Wanderful’s message board and the Wanderful NYC group on Facebook.
• Updates the Wanderful NYC page on sheswanderful.com.
• Ensures that events are appropriately listed on sheswanderful.com.
• Helps events officer in publicizing upcoming Wanderful events through online media, print publications, signage, partnerships, word-of-mouth, etc.
• Books media coverage for Wanderful events and initiatives, submitting press releases as applicable.


Here’s what we’re looking for in team members:

  • Flexibility. We will meet once a month to discuss Wanderful initiatives. Make sure you have enough time to devote to your duties. Officers must also currently live in or spend a majority of their time in NYC.
  • Knowledge of the Wanderful network or interest in learning about it.
  • Strong self-management skills. Because this is a volunteer position, we need women who can take initiative and won’t necessarily wait for direction.
  • Qualities relevant to the job at hand. The Membership Officer should be friendly and personable. The Partnerships Officer should be good at building professional connections. See individual job descriptions for more details.
  • Creativity and problem-solving skills. One characteristic of a Wanderful team member is the ability to think on your feet and solve challenges as they come. We’re looking for great team players, solid communicators, and critical thinkers.

And, of course, we’re looking for fellow team members who are fun, passionate about travel, and excited to bring Wanderful NYC to new heights!

What’s in it for you?

  • A free membership to sheswanderful.com, which includes exclusive access to the members-only portion of our site, special deals with travel partners, free admission to special members-only events, and more.
  • A discounted ticket to WITS ’16 in Irvine, California.
  • A @sheswanderful.com email address.
  • Access to our Wanderful Contributors Facebook group where we share special internal offerings to our writers and local organizers.
  • The chance to help build a community of amazing women around the NYC area!

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to Ariel Goldberg with subject line “Wanderful NYC Application”. Applications for all positions are due by 11:59pm EST on Monday, April 20, 2015.