Bucabook (Kate, Katy and Laurel): In May 2006, three high school friends from Pennsylvania embarked on a summer-long backpacking adventure through Europe. Five years later and 21 countries between them, they remain great friends who faithfully document their adventures through a shared travel journal. When not traveling, you can find Kate in Philadelphia taking a dance class and always on top of the newest restaurants; Katy, also in Philadelphia, playing soccer, buying a book, and trying any food at least once; and Laurel in Chicago running a race, exploring her city or making a mean guacamole. They never rest for too long, there is always an experience to be had, a church steeple to be climbed and a body of water to swim in (clothing optional!) Look out for their passages of wisdom and top ten lists, or read more about their travels at http://bucab.blogspot.com.

    Travel Haunts

    “Cemeteries are fascinating, they’re a living representation of the culture, the history, the ...

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