While the world may be mostly paused for travel, that doesn’t mean we can’t dream and plan ahead! These Black women travel creators are leading the way, offering inspiration in everything from their photos to their podcasts, books, courses, articles, and more. Whether you’re dreaming of travel escapes or you’re looking to partner with content creators who boast highly engaged audiences, start with these women right now.

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1. From Annette With Love (Annette Richmond)

Annette Richmond is a fat activist and award-winning writer. She blogs at From Annette with Love, she’s the creator of Fat Girls Traveling, and she is the Editor-in-Chief of the Fat Girls Guide. She was also the winner of Wanderful’s Bessie Awards for Collaboration of the Year in 2019 for creating Fat Camp and is a former WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit speaker.

2. Hey Ashley Renne

Ashley Renne is a sustainability educator and plant-based health expert, encouraging everyone to live an adventurously green life. She was the creator behind Travel Lushes, which she rebranded to focus on sustainability and discouraging the harmful practices she encountered in tourism. For any travelers looking for advice on sustainability issues, Ashley Renne is your gal. She is also a former WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit speaker!

3. Deesha Dyer

Deesha Dyer is the Founder and CEO of Hook & Fasten, Co-Founder and Executive Director of beGirl.world, and former White House Social Secretary under the Obama administration. She is a former WITS Keynote speaker, a panelist at the Wanderful Woman Summit, and all-around inspiration!

4. Packs Light (Gabby Beckford)

Gabby Beckford is a Gen Z travel expert, entrepreneur, and creator of Packs Light where her message is about seeking risk, seizing opportunities, and seeing the world. She quit her full-time engineering job a week before the pandemic and is now thriving as an internationally-recognized voice in travel. She is also a former WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit speaker and a 2021 finalist for the Trailblazer Award at the Bessie Awards.

5. Negra Bohemian (Iliah Grant Atoro)

Iliah Grant Altoro is a writer, speaker, activist, world traveler, and a homeschooling mother of three. She is the founder of Negra Bohemian, a travel and lifestyle blog devoted to rethinking motherhood, intentional travel, and raising socially-conscious global learners. Iliah is a former WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit speaker.

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6. ​Monique Melton​

Monique Melton is the host of the Shine Brighter Together podcast, the creator of the Shine Brighter Together community, and an international speaker on anti-racism, diversity, personal growth, and relationships. Monique is a former WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit speaker, too!

7. O. Christine (Olivia Christine)

Olivia Christine is the writer, photographer, multimedia content creator, and wellness travel expert behind O. Christine. Her blog is all about inspiring people to prioritize travel and wellness, invest in experiences, and connect with the outdoors. She lives with an autoimmune disease and believes mindful travel can be an effective way to find wellness, encouraging others to experience the same.

8. Oneika Raymond

Oneika Raymond is an award-winning journalist, speaker, and television host whose mission is to educate, empower, and encourage exploration. She is the creator of Oneika the Traveler, a lifestyle correspondent for NBC New York, and also the host of the Travel Channel’s “Big City, Little Budget” and “One Bag and You’re Out”. She has been a leader in women’s travel for years and continues to evolve her content to provide ever more value for her audience. Oneika was a Wanderful Woman Summit speaker and a WITS speaker, too!

9. Gotta Have Karisma (Karisma Shackelford)

Karisma Shackelford is the CEO and Founder of Color Me World, creator of Gotta Have Karisma, and a business coach for those seeking an elevated lifestyle working from anywhere in the world. She is also the creator of Wanderful’s Moving Forward Anti-Racism Town Hall events for the travel industry and Wanderful’s Creator membership director!

10. Jet Set Lisette (Lisette Austin)

Lisette Austin is the creator and host of Jet Set Lisette and the Globetrotter Lounge Podcast, an award-winning podcast featuring travel stories and expert tips for points and miles. In 2019, she was the winner of the Wanderful Award at the annual Bessie Awards, for a brand that has gone above and beyond to support, empower, and represent women in the past year. She is also a former WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit speaker.

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11. She Just Left (Alexis Terry)

Alexis is a solo adventurer, travel vlogger, and US expat living in Vietnam. She shares her travels around the world, tasty food, helpful travel tips, and inspiration for her followers to get out of their comfort zone.

12. Mary Jane Byarm

Mary Jane is a full-time world traveler taking her followers with her on the adventure through content on YouTube and Instagram. She loves adrenaline, danger, and obsesses over natural beauty.

13. Shangh

Shangh is an island girl living in Curacao taking us on her journey exploring the beautiful island and supporting the local community.

14. Fly With Queenie (Chanice Williams)

Chanice Williams is an entrepreneur and travel blogger. She started as an avid traveler and soon turned her page into a travel blog in 2018 ‘Fly With Queenie’. Her brand focuses on traveling and creativity, providing courses, mentorship, help with planning trips, and trip itineraries.

15. GloGraphics (Gloria Atanmo)

Glo started with The Blog Abroad but her empire has flourished over the past few years. An entrepreneur at heart, as well as a mentor, traveler, expat, and industry leader…Glo truly does it all. She was a speaker at the Wanderful Woman Summit and is a finalist for the 2021 Bessie Awards for Creator of the Year.

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16. Roaming with Romie

Romie calls herself a nerd who loves to travel, finding weekly flight deals so others are able to do the same and giving her followers detailed videos on how plan and enjoy their trips on a budget.

17. AJ Everyday (Adrienne Jordan)

Adrienne is an adventure travel writer and content creator at AJEveryday with bylines in major publications like National Geographic, CNN, Afar, The Washington Post, and more. She is an avid scuba diver and advocates for yoga and meditation, too.

18. The Life of a Black Woman (Anita Francois)

Anita Francois is a UK-born islander with Seychellois & Haitian heritage. She is an avid traveler and has been a curator of events and exhibitions for years. She is also the Founder and CEO of Black Travel Summit, the premier event for Black travel industry professionals.

19. Travel with Neiicey (Shaneice Crystal)

Shaneice Crystal shares travel inspiration, plus natural beauty tips on her main Instagram account. Her YouTube channel includes weekly videos with travel tips, personal stories, and so much more!

20. Evita Robinson

Founder of Nomadness Tribe, creator of AudacityFest, Contributing Editor for Conde Nast, and Bessie Award winner…Evie Robinson is a force! At the 2020 Bessie Awards, Evita won for Creator of the Year and AudacityFest won the Inclusion Award. She is also a former WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit speaker.

21. Queen of Vacations (Samantha “Queen” Everette)

Samantha is a visual artist and photographer who started her blog to share the how’s and why’s of living your life like it’s a vacation! Samantha recently illustrated a book called 20 Icons of Sierra Leone, Who Shaped History.

22. Martinique Lewis

Martinique Lewis is the winner of the 2020 Trailblazer Award at the Wanderful Bessie Awards, author of the new ABC Travel Green Book, creator of the  Diversity in Travel Report Card, speaker at the WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit, President of the Black Travel Alliance, an award-winning diversity in travel consultant, and creative lead for Nomadness Travel Tribe. She is a force in the travel industry and beyond!

23. Some Call Me Adventurous (Sam O’Brochta)

Sam is a creative digital and social media director. Writing about her travels, studying abroad, and being body positive. She shares, “My visibility as a female traveler of color is extremely important to me, and I am proud to step out into the world and be an ambassador towards making it easier for the next generation to follow in my footsteps. Come along for the ride, you won’t be sorry.

24. Tia Takes the World

Tia is a teacher abroad in the UAE, who has an immense passion for traveling and has created blogs that show how travel can be affordable. She also loves explaining how you can teach abroad, too!

25. Natasha Nicholes

Natasha does it all! Blogger, urban farmer, homeschooler, and she is also the voice behind many of Wanderful’s social media posts. Follow her and you will laugh and learn! She is also a former WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit speaker and a speaker at Moving Forward: An Anti-Racism Town Hall for the Travel Industry.

26. The Traveling Child (Monet Hambrick)

The Hambrick Family travel together at every given opportunity; their motto is “if kids live there, kids can visit”. The Traveling Child was created to inspire parents to explore the world with their kids and has since expanded into creating itineraries and blogs for ‘baecations’ and mommy breaks!

27. PT Passages (Amanda Grace)

Amanda Grace is a physical therapist, a passionate traveler, and an adventurous foodie! She created PT Passages to provide travel, physical therapy, and lifestyle tips to inspire those who share the same interests.

28. Outdoorsy Diva (Lauren Gay)

Lauren is on a mission to get more Black women outside. She was a speaker at the Wanderful Woman Summit, she is a blogger, podcaster, and adventure coach, and she does so much more. Her work inspires women to get outdoors and appreciate nature, but her energy inspires everyone who meets her!

29. Wild Gina

Gina is a photographer who tells stories through intimate moments in nature. For gorgeous natural beauty and inspiration, follow her work and purchase her prints!

30. Brandi Hikes

Brandi is a hiker who uses Instagram to inspire her followers to pursue a new style of adventure with her life on a trail. Pushing people to get outdoors and push past invisible boundaries, Brandi loves to inspire!

31. Passion with a Passport (Cherisse)

Cherisse is a travel and lifestyle blogger who inspires self-growth and empowerment through all things travel, adventure, and lifestyle! A full-time realtor, part-time actress, and multi-passionate creator, Cherisse inspires all her followers to live with passion!

32. Perpetual Explorer (Tameika G)

Tameika is a nomadic entrepreneur traveling the world while giving us her best tips and advice on wellness and fitness. A personal trainer and weight loss coach, she helps thousands of women create the healthy life they want all while encouraging travel and adventure.

33. Rachel Travels (Rachel V. Hill)

Rachel is a travel-obsessed digital marketer, international speaker, and author. Her company has helped hundreds of people create and build profitable online businesses, just by using easy, online strategies to grow their businesses. She blogs at Rachel Travels and helps creators and influencers build their brands and businesses. She is also a former WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit speaker.

34. Hey Ciara (Ciara Johnson)

Ciara is a full-time solo traveller who is passionate about living an adventurous life and helping others to do the same. She quit her Fortune 500 job and created her blog travel blog to encourage people to get out and see the world. hoping they would fall in love with it just like she did. She is also a former WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit speaker.

35. Hey! Dip Your Toes In (Eulanda + Omo)

Eulanda and her husband Omo are content creators who are all about being open to new experiences! Their blog Hey! Dip Your Toes In is all about trying new cuisines and learning from other cultures. Through this sharing, they hope others will be emboldened to enrich the tapestry of their lives. Eulanda is also a former WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit speaker.

36. Traveling Black Widow (Charlotte Simpson)

Charlotte is a retired guidance counselor and special education teacher. After losing her husband, she decided to continue traveling as a central part of her retirement life, which she documents on Instagram. She has been featured in Conde Nast Traveller, Essence, Travel Noire, and many more!

37. Tomiko Harvey

Tomiko is the founder and editor of Passports and Grub, a luxury lifestyle publication for Black women. She is also the Conference Director for TBEX North America and the Chair of Partnerships and Collaborations with the Black Travel Alliance. She is also a former WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit speaker.

38. Lola Akinmade Åkerström

Lola Akinmade Åkerström is an award-winning photographer, award-winning author, accomplished entrepreneur, the co-founder of Local Purse, creator of the Geotraveler Media Academy, former WITS keynote speaker, and winner of the 2019 Bessie Award for Most Impactful Piece of Writing!

39. The Sophisticated Life (Dr. Nadeen White)

Dr. Nadeen White is the creator behind This Sophisticated Life, a travel, food, and wine blog. Dr. White is also an author, speaker and medical expert with coverage of international travel recommendations, travel emergencies, and the Coronavirus Pandemic across countless platforms.

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