Dreams: If Not Now, When?

Luz has a message for us: start following your dreams, NOW!

Check out her first video of her “Labor of Love” column, where Luz gives us tips on how to follow our dreams by constructing a “dreams bouquet”. See the adorable bouquet she made and her instructions for making your own!



Luz Garcia-Pennock
My name is Luz Garcia-Pennock. My life mantras: Pura Vida! Your life your voyage. Your work a labor of love. Choose with wisdom and love. I will do what ever it takes lovingly and abundantly to achieve my dreams and goals. I live in Etiwanda CA with hubby and our rescued dogs. Margaritas and girl talk are important to me. Oh yes jewelry and fashion are my honeys. Helping women to be in love with their life voyage is one of my life missions. My bio:

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