Rescue efforts by Global Rescue in Nepal. Photo courtesy of Global Rescue.

In 2010 I visited Port-au-Prince just six weeks after its terrible earthquake. I was traveling on a volunteer trip, and the scenes, even over a month later, were horrific – entire houses smashed to the ground, thousands upon thousands of people living in bright blue tents, piles of rubble that you’d climb over in order to simply walk down the street, the scared glint in someone’s eye when you asked them to step into a building with a concrete roof.

I was young and fearless at the time, and worrying wasn’t one of my strong suits. Yet I look back and realize that I didn’t really know what could have happened. There were times that I ventured far from Port-au-Prince and relied exclusively on the kindness of strangers. There could have been aftershocks. What would I have done then?

When you’re planning a trip, the last thing you want to think about is what you’ll do if something goes wrong. I’m not talking about a cancelled flight or lost luggage – that’s what travel insurance is for. I’m talking about safety – a topic that is highest on most of our lists, whether we realize it ahead of time or at the moment we actually need it. That’s why it’s important we have a “Plan C” – someone to step in when you’re at the end of the rope, when you are unable to help yourself.

Introducing Our New Official Partner, Global Rescue

This is one of the many reasons we are proud to partner with a company that can help us travelers take on the world – and be someone to fall back on if we need it. Introducing our friends, Global Rescue, Wanderful’s official partner for travel risk and crisis management services.

You may remember Global Rescue as one of our amazing sponsors at the Women in Travel Summit. For more than a decade, Global Rescue has provided travelers with medical, security, information, and intelligence in order to avoid and respond to crises. It performs over 1,000 missions per year and operates in 195 countries around the world – plus, it has a lasting partnership with the fantastic Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Global Rescue efforts after Nepal earthquake
Recent rescue efforts following the Nepal earthquake. Photo courtesy of Global Rescue.

How are we working with Global Rescue?

Operations center at Global Rescue
Global Rescue’s operation centers. Photo courtesy of Global Rescue.

Besides showcasing Global Rescue as a formal partner on our site, we are working together to provide great resources about travel destinations for all of the Wanderful women in our network. This includes:

  • Expanding on Colleen’s already existing “Know Before You Go” column, where we can share Global Rescue’s expertise about various travel destinations in the news
  • Sharing a special travel safety tip in every issue of the Wanderful newsletter in order to help you become safety-savvy travelers
  • Providing resources and tools for our community about breaking news, travel health, and emergency planning through webinars, articles, and other content shared with our community

Plus, our Wanderful women can take advantage of Global Rescue’s services right away, either on an annual or per-trip basis. Click here for more information.

We can’t wait to share Global Rescue’s expertise with you and help our Wanderful women to travel smarter, better, and more extensively around the world.