Disclosure: This Grabr Review was produced in partnership with Grabr. We love supporting other women-owned companies, especially when our members can also benefit! You can read the full Wanderful disclosure statement here.

Making money while you travel is an ideal way to offset some of the costs. While we can’t all take our work on the road with us, we can certainly find alternative ways of earning on the go. One such way is unique, fun, and a great way to connect with locals in your destination!

Introducing: Grabr. This unique digital platform is an online travel community that allows you to help out some locals in your destination. The best part? The way you’re helping is by going shopping!  

Review of Grabr Options

Here’s the basic overview of Grabr and its awesome options for travelers…

Grabr is essentially designed for shoppers who can’t purchase the items they want locally. Sometimes the items are available, but they could be marked up as high as 40%! Other times, the products simply aren’t available for purchase locally. This could be something as simple as a popular children’s toy or as particular as a replacement part for an expensive camera.

Instead of waiting and paying for very expensive international shipping to (maybe) arrive, Grabr is a safe and secure way for shoppers to get the products they want and need, but can’t access at home. 

make money when you travel with Grabr - screenshot for travelers

For travelers, Grabr is a safe and secure way to get paid for simply purchasing and bringing a product with you on your travels. You get paid the cost of the product plus a delivery fee as agreed with the shopper.

The primary reason you are required to purchase the item yourself is to ensure you know what you’re buying and packing – that ensures your safety and also means you can follow legal procedures for traveling across borders.

All of the payments are processed through Grabr and are coordinated through a double-confirmation of purchase and delivery from both travelers and shoppers.

Grabr review for travelers - screenshot

TL;DR version:

  1. Open up the Grabr app and enter your travel details: Where you’re leaving from and where you’re traveling to, plus your travel dates. 
  2. You’ll see shopping requests from locals looking for specific products. The shopper is willing to pay you to purchase the item at home and bring it with you on your trip.
  3. Choose which items you want to purchase.
  4. Chat with the shopper within the app to confirm the purchase details and your delivery fee.
  5. When you arrive in your destination, you chat with the shopper through the app to arrange for pick-up in a public place.
  6. Once both of you confirm the product has been handed off successfully, you will be reimbursed for the purchase and also paid for your time and effort!
  7. Win-win!

Meet Locals When You Travel

The cool part about Grabr is that you get to meet locals in a new place. Now – of course – this isn’t guaranteed. But lots of people are willing to offer advice or tips on places to check out. We all love getting the inside track to explore a place through local recommendations! Grabr is just another way to do that.

When you meet up with the shopper or shoppers in your destination, Grabr always recommends a public space.

We recommend you use a hotel lobby since it’s public, accessible, and usually has coffee and WiFi so you can relax and upload all your awesome travel photos while you wait! Block out a few hours that are convenient for you and arrange with the shoppers to swing by. 

Don’t forget to ask for some local recommendations when they show up! Maybe you want a hidden local restaurant or the best salsa club nearby…whatever it is, this is a great chance to get an alternative recommendation straight from a local.   

Grabr Insights and FAQs

To give you an idea of the places you can travel and make some money, here are some details from Grabr.

In 2019, travelers delivered items to shoppers in 67 different countries around the world. And there were more than 35,000 shoppers using Grabr to make their purchases.

And guess how much travelers earned for these deliveries in 2019…got a number in your head? 

In 2019, travelers earned a total $1,800,000 for delivering products. That’s just mind-blowing!!

Is your interest piqued? Check out the top destinations where shoppers are asking for help getting the products they want: top Grabr destinations - Grabr Review by Wanderful popular Grabr destinations - Grabr Review by WanderfulLooks like a trip to South America should be in your very near future!


Wanderful’s Grabr Review: Awesome for Travelers!

Our review of Grabr leads to an easy outcome: Try it out for yourself! We love the whole concept of connecting with locals, helping someone out, making money to fund further travels. We also love the overall factor of trust and safety through their digital system.

Beyond all that, Grabr is a woman-owned company that has been thriving in the travel space for years. We’re all about helping more women to travel, so we’re always happy to support the sisterhood and share great travel ideas!

If you want to offset your travel costs and connect with locals on your next trip, go ahead and check out Grabr for yourself. And then let us know how much you made! Share in our Wanderful members’ community app right here.