Happy Birthday Go Girls!!

What an exciting milestone, happy one year birthday Go Girl! In the past few years I’ve had too many milestones to keep track of, but the one that stands out the most was leaving for Peace Corps. Before I left my parents gave me a going away party and asked everyone to bring me a copy of their favorite book. It was wonderful to have all those books with me while I was gone. Of the many books, my godmother gave me a book of Nikki Giovanni’s poetry which I read numerous times while I was gone. In honor of all the Go Girls out there I’d like to share one of the poems with you:

My Muse

I am my own


I delight me

With my words

Of both wisdom

And wit

I teach myself

So much

Such insight

Into the human


Such compassion

For the weak and weary

Such utter contempt

For the self-satisfied

I think

What a wonderful world

It would be

If only people

Would listen

To me

I look at the full moon

And bay



Come to me


A new world

Happy birthday Go Girl!! Stay inspired!!

Jessyca has been on the go since she got her first passport at age 6. Since then she has been working, volunteering, and traveling overseas finding new adventures at every turn. Most recently Jessyca has been living in South Africa as a volunteer with the U.S. Peace Corps, and working in Ghana with the non-profit she founded, The Building Fund.

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