You’ve likely heard that finding a way to turn your hobby or passion into a business is what entrepreneurs strive for, and I definitely agree. You absolutely want to have an engaging love affair for what you do as your ‘work’, or better yet, your ‘money-maker’. We all want to have our bread buttered while buttering our bread, right!

However, my first-hand experience and that of other women entrepreneurs I’ve worked with has shown me that having a serious hobby or activity crush that isn’t the basis of your business can actually make you a better entrepreneur.

Feeling like toast
We have all been there. You spend hours focusing completely on one topic, thinking that if you just spend one more hour (or two) you’ll have it, you’ll get it done once and for all. Yet, productivity isn’t about how many hours you work; it’s about how much you produce in the amount of time you work.

You know (head nod please) how well your brain, works…or doesn’t work, when you have put in 12+ hours straight. Goodbye rational thought, hello brain drool. This happens to everyone. Basically it’s your brain begging you to freaking stop already! It’s time to hit the reset button.

But if I just…keep…pushing…on…
What we forget when we keep trying to push on is that the work we do at that time is typically not our best. This is not good in any situation; creative brainstorming, business, studying/learning, etc. It’s important to finish what you start! However, if you’re like me, you have likely ended up going back to that brain fogged work and tweaking it all over again, scrapping it completely, or regretting that you put it out there to the public. So yes, finish what you start, but do it smart! How’d ya like that rhyme!

Boost creativity and connections
Giving your brain a change up in focus and tasks will keep it sharp. Kinda how that amazing solution to a problem that’s been racking your brain for days hits you when you’re out for a run or in the shower – not a pen in sight! Sidebar: someone solve that one please!

BONUS ALERT! Hobbies give you opportunities to meet new people, get new perspectives, and share what you are doing with your peeps. A woman I met at yoga, who was a regular too, lead to business client and a collaboration opportunity.

Plus, you meet people who could just turn out to be a really cool friend or travel partner for your next big trip – who doesn’t want that!

Stick to it, baby
The bottom line is not to sacrifice the very hobbies and activities that will improve your creativity and productivity in every area of your life, personal and business. I get some of my best business ideas when surfing or doing gardening (dorky I know). Your brain needs diversity and fun, so give it what it wants and it will pay you back with efficiency and genius ideas!

Take action!
Look at where you’ve been driving yourself ragged for hours at a time. Schedule time or sign up for a fitness/hobby class between your work blocks this week to break them up with your FAVORITE activity. Better yet, commit to a friend that you’ll go do it together so you’re even more accountable to take that break. Then come back and rock your project!

Share your favorite hobbies and activities that give your brain a break and boost in the comments below.


Krystina Feucht is a running, surfing and cupcake fanatic who has over 12 years of hands-on experience working with and marketing to solopreneurs. She is a certified professional coach and Co-Founder of Kickstart Kitchen. We help women entrepreneurs confidently take the leap into profitable entrepreneurship with less stress, more clarity and a strong support community. Kickstart Kitchen offers online courses, downloadable tools, and personal coaching that help early entrepreneurs rock their business to the next level. 


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