How do you prepare for a trip to India?

By Megan

I decided that there is no one way to properly prepare for a visit to India. You can read novels, guide books, ask other travelers opinions, but in reality, you probably just have to experience it yourself. Take, for example, the train travel system. I booked my ticket nearly three weeks in advance, paid for it online (after the credit card company figured out that I was not trying to steal my own identity- thank goodness!), and I am still in wait list limbo. There has been advice on whom to bribe and how much, other traveling options, and still, I have some sort of faith that everything will work out just the way it should. (Of course, there will be an update regarding the ticket crazies.)

I’ve packed everything I think I might need including a key turn powered alarm clock, insect repellent, and my glasses. Of course, there is a journal to record thoughts and a camera to snap at least a few photos to share. I cannot wait to share my adventures with Go Girl, but I’ve got to go catch a plane. So, until next week, travel safe!

Megan suffers from a severe case of ‘wanderlust’ brought by a year spent living as a student/nanny in Barcelona, Spain and family vacations at a young age. Currently, she has set down roots in lovely Chicago where she spends her time singing in the Apollo Choir, riding her bicycle, and cooking elaborate meals for her friends. Writing for Go Girl is her favorite way of keeping her traveling spirit fed, even when her suitcase is unpacked.

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    1. I've never been to India before…so good luck with that!! I wish I could tag my friend Jessy right now who just got back from there.

      AJ, any thoughts??

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