When you think of impressive casinos you are likely to think about those that are associated with places such as Macau and Las Vegas. The Venetian in Macau is not only the biggest casino in the world, it was once the world’s second largest building, and every casino on the Las Vegas strip is spectacularly impressive. Although there aren’t any casinos in Europe that come up to these in terms of scale or grandeur, it doesn’t mean that Europe lacks great casinos. In fact there are some amazing casinos in Europe, it is just that they tend to be very different. Obviously you can enjoy the gaming experience at home on sites like Lucky Nugget, but here are a few grand casinos that are certainly worth visiting.

That’s Not a Castle?!

Every list of top European casinos should include the iconic Casino of Monte Carlo. This is probably the most prestigious casino to be found anywhere in the world. Styled in the manner of the French Belle Époque and with a history stretching back to the middle of the nineteenth century, the casino played a huge part in helping turn Monaca from a struggling principality that was on the verge of bankruptcy to the richest country in the world in terms of wealth per square mile.

Size Matters

The Casino Estoril which is close to Lisbon is the largest casino there is in Europe. The gaming area is spread over two floors and there is a great diversity of games. In terms of slot machines and video poker, there are over 1,000 machines. It might not be the most beautiful casino in the continent, but it does have an exciting history. It was associated with a spy network during the Second World War and it was the inspiration behind Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale.

Eye Candy

The most beautiful casino in the world is, according to Marlene Dietrich, the Casino Baden-Baden in Germany. Baden-Baden is an ancient spa town and was a popular destination during the early nineteenth century. The Casino was built in 1838 and became an immediate attraction. It is particularly opulent with lavish décor and boasts many famous guests including Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky who was a keen gambler, he based his novella The Gambler on his experiences there.

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