These LGBTQ+ creators are crushing it with their travel content right now, and we are loving it. Whether you’re looking for travel inspiration, personal insights and advice on traveling in various countries, or #RelationshipGoals…go follow these creators right now!

1-2. Food Travelist (Sue Reddel & Diana Laskaris)

Food Travelist shares the best food & travel experiences in the world. They also look for providers and experiences that offer welcoming comfort to the LGBTQ community and offer their personal insights to help guide decisions. They search the world with their tastebuds first and invite you to follow along!

3. Bani Amor

Bani is a gender/queer travel writer who explores the relationships between race, place, and power. Their work has appeared in CNN Travel, Fodor’s, AFAR, and Teen Vogue, among other outlets, and in the anthology Outside the XY: Queer Black and Brown Masculinity. Bani is a four-time VONA/Voices Fellow who gives lectures and leads workshops on decolonizing travel culture. They are Brooklyn-born and Queens-based with their heart in Ecuador and their mind everywhere, all the time.

4. Traveler Charly (Charlie J. Stoever)

Charly is a nonbinary Latinx money coach and former licensed stockbroker who will empower you to take charge of your money and your life. Charly covers topics ranging from investing in 401(k)s to tax-advantaged and taxable accounts, to credit card rewards, and more. All with the goal of making the language of money seem less intimidating for greater social impact.

5-6. Authentic Food Quest (Rosemary & Claire)

Rosemary and Claire are digital nomads and the culinary explorers behind Authentic Food Quest. Their goal is to help their audience explore local culture through food! They are the trusted resource for local and authentic food experiences with a community of passionate authentic food lovers. If you love eating local, learning about food origins, discovering traditional recipes and local products, join them! 

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7. Adventure Calls (Jessica V. Drucker)

Jessica, her wife, son, and pug live in Brooklyn. Jessica spends her days as the Tourism + Hospitality Director for one of the most exciting neighborhoods in New York City and the rest of the time she works with people who want help figuring out how to spend time exploring the world! A serial expat and former digital nomad, Jessica is also the author of How To Move Abroad And Why It’s The Best Thing You’ll Do and host of the Adventure Calls Podcast.

8. Ariel Poems (Ariel Goldberg)

Ariel is a queer, multiracial author, editor, digital media and marketing professional, creative director, activist, organizer, traveler, event planner, plant mom, consultant, and sometimes-poet! Ariel can be found traveling just to eat and working to help build movements for social change. Ariel is also Wanderful’s genius Creative Director!

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9. Quirky Globetrotter (Martha)

Martha is a travel writer, feminist, bi-sexual, and hidden-gem treasure hunter. The creator behind Quirky Globetrotter, Martha shares travel guides written with guidance and recommendations from locals. The blog focuses on what’s truly authentic and special about a destination. 

10. Courtney the Explorer

Courtney’s mission is to inspire womxn to travel and live their best lives. Travel is her personal favorite gateway drug into the depth of self and our world. Travel has been her medicine over the years and now Courtney helps womxn start their journey and thrive abroad. Incredibly passionate about LGBTQ+, spiritual, and vegan travel, Courtney’s blog covers a variety of different topics!

11. Jenny Bruso

Jenny is a white, queer, fat, femme, writer, hiker, group hike leader, and founder of Unlikely Hikers. Finding outdoor culture to be often hostile to those who don’t fit the white, straight-size, cishet-normative, able-bodied mold led to the creation of Unlikely Hikers. As Jenny says, the outdoors should be for EVERYBODY and EVERY BODY.

12. Ready to Stare (Alysse Dalessandro Santiago)

Alysse Dalessandro Santiago is a plus-size fashion and travel blogger, LGBTQ influencer, writer, designer, and professional speaker based in Cleveland, Ohio. This creative entrepreneur is best known as the creator of body-positive fashion brand turned fashion and lifestyle blog, Ready to Stare, founded in 2012. Today, Ready to Stare has become a haven for those whom fashion has otherwise ignored, especially those in the LGBTQ, plus size fashion, and body-positive communities. Ready to Stare is a space where individual style is celebrated and breaking the rules is encouraged.

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13. Living Life with Nette (Nette Archangel)

Nette is an educator and co-parent to the #brodudes living in her favorite city of New Orleans dedicated to advocating for LGBTQ youth and building community as an administrator for NOLA GAY FAMILIES. When she’s not running after her brodudes, you can find her organizing, planning, and exploring a newfound love of traveling.

14-15. It’s Chris & Alex

Chris and Alex are a queer travel couple spending every day on an adventure (and probably eating Taco Bell while doing so). They share their adventures (and misadventures) on Instagram and TikTok, so go join if you like topics such as travel, outdoor adventures, LGBTQ+ experiences, bucket list experiences, and more!

16. Voyaging Vagabond (Chantel)

Chantel is a fat, queer digital storyteller typically found hopping the globe and sprinkling body positivity along the way! A fierce, twenty-something female nomad, her goal is to inspire you to make your life-changing travel dreams a reality. She serves up travel tips, major airfare sales, and kickass itineraries.  

17. Amanda E. Machado

Amanda is a writer and facilitator whose work explores how race, gender, power, and identity affect the way we travel and experience the outdoors. She has written and facilitated on topics of social justice and adventure and lived in cities like Cape Town, Havana, Mexico City, Berlin, and Rio de Janeiro. Amanda also facilitates workshops on justice and anti-oppression for organizations around the world including REI, Patagonia, HipCamp, Kampgrounds of America (KOA), University of California Berkeley, and many others.

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18. Meg Ten Eyck

Meg Ten Eyck is the Founder of EveryQueer, a space for LGBTQ people to find resources for travel that feel useful and authentic. The aim is to inspire queer folks to have adventures in everyday life but without sugar-coating the reality of traveling as an LGBTQ person. Meg has also written for Wanderful!

19-20. Once Upon a Journey (Roxanne & Maartje)

Roxanne and Maartje are a Dutch lesbian couple in love with each other, the world, writing, and photographing. After being nomadic for three years, they are Amsterdam-based again since 2020.

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21-22. 27travels (Gabi & Shanna)

Gabi and Shanna are a lesbian travel couple based in Brooklyn, NY. Early on in their relationship, they realized their shared love of traveling. Since Gabi is a photographer and Shanna is a videographer and video editor, they launched 27 Travels as a creative outlet. It started as an Instagram account in 2016 to document trips and adventures. During their travels, they also realized how little information exists for LGBTQ travelers — now, they want to help change that.

23. Anita Dolce Vita

Anita is the Founder of DapperQ, a Research Nurse/Manager, and a Writer/Producer with work featured in HBO, Forbes, Teen Vogue, NBC, Vanity Fair, NYLON, HuffPo, Refinery29, SXSW, and more. Her work with DapperQ aims to ungender fashion and includes an annual New York Fashion Week show.

24. Gorilla Shrimp (Malcolm Ribot)

Malcolm Rene Ribot is a community builder, advocate, graphic designer, artist, avid hiker, constant wanderer, wiggler, fur-father, and a man of trans experience. In 2014, Malcolm started traveling around the United States, a journey that quickly became a mission to help other men of trans experience connect with one another.

25. Comfy Fat Travels (J Aprileo)

J is the creator behind, a blog about the experience of being a fat non-binary person. You’ll frequently find J chatting about topics like fat accessibility, gender, and mental health.

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26-27. On Airplane Mode (Kirstie & Christine)

Kirstie and Christine are an LGBTQ+ couple from New York City who left their day jobs to backpack around the world. They inspire their followers to find their passion for traveling, all while celebrating who they are and whom they love. They were also winners of the Gay Travel Awards 2020.

28-29. Lez See the World (Steph & Katie)

Steph and Katie are a Vancouver-based married lesbian couple. They are full-time creative entrepreneurs and use their platform, Lez See the World to inspire, empower, and connect queer women around the globe.

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