Please welcome Cat Jaffee as the Go Girl of the Month for March!  In June, 2011, Cat quit her job and moved to Turkey to launch a social business marketing organic honey produced by local women.  Fresh off a Kickstarter campaign, she is ready to take over the world, one honey bee at a time.  Read more about Cat’s amazing journey at her blog or follow her on twitter.


Cat in Turkey- photo from her blog

I am a globetrotter currently living in Kars, Turkey for six months.

I spend my days biking to villages and preparing for honey tasting tours with my company Balyolu.

Before I sat down to do this survey I was sending lots of emails.

I am inspired by good ideas.

I am passionate about the intersection of people and nature.

In my next life I want to come back as a jaguar.

For dinner I usually eat with my business partner.

The last book I read was Tina Fay’s Bossy Pants .

As a kid I was an ornithologist.

My friends would describe me as a whirlwind.

One thing I want to do in 2012 is successfully launch my business .

If I could tell the world one thing it would be persistence is genius.

My next travel destination is Berlin.

My dream travel destination is Socotra, Yemen!

A Go Girl never stops.