There are plenty of places in Turkey you can visit if you’re looking for a relaxing beach holiday, but there is perhaps nowhere in the country as beautiful and charming as Olu Deniz. Read on to find out why this is a great destination to visit for a luxury holiday to Turkey.

Olu Deniz is situated on Turkey’s southern coast near the popular resort of Fethiye. Many holidaymakers choose to stay here for their getaway, as the traditional market town offers them the chance to immerse in local culture, as well as see spectacular views of the country’s golden beaches and turquoise waters.

Whether you are planning to stay in Fethiye or somewhere else nearby, it is definitely worth visiting the picturesque lagoon of Olu Deniz. When I’ve been to Turkey, I joined the many sun worshippers who spent their days lying on the beach and soaking up the rays. However, beaches along the Mediterranean coast – particularly during the summer – can quickly fill up with other eager holidaymakers. However, as there is a small charge to visit Olu Deniz, it is often less populated than other nearby stretches of sand.


The lagoon at Oludeniz Beach in Turkey

This lagoon remains protected, as it is one of the most beautiful beachside locations in the area. In fact, you might even recognise the bay with its turquoise sea in many postcards from Turkey. This is why there is a fee to sunbathe on the beach here and also the reason behind the decision to ban motorised sports. Locals want to keep Olu Deniz peaceful and beautiful, and if you come here, you won’t blame them!

The beaches are so pristine and the water incredibly clear that you can simply spend all your time enjoying the sight. If you want to see views of the lagoon from all angles though, I’d recommend taking a boat trip. Hopping aboard a small boat will enable you to take a look at what the rest of the coastline looks like. It will also give you the chance to hit the water and cool down in the sea breeze.

For those who are feeling a bit more daring (and are more daring than I am), you can try paragliding over the bay. This way you will be able to see what Olu Deniz looks like from the sky, as well as from the sea. Your descent will begin from the mountains overlooking the lagoon and you will land on the golden shores.

If you fancy a break from lying on the beach (not that you’re likely to), you can head to Fethiye. Here, you can get involved in more activities such as scuba diving or shopping. As this town has more amenities, you may find yourself coming here to put your haggling skills to the test at the bazaar of Paspatour or enjoy a long, lazy lunch at one of the many restaurants in the area.

I definitely recommend trying some of Turkey’s traditional cuisine, particularly its seafood, and this is one of the best places to sample it. Mezes of calamari and fried mussels are typical delicacies or you could tuck into main meals of sea bass or turbot, with the fish caught by local fishermen daily. For an authentic Turkish dining experience, try juicy lamb kebabs, together with cool yoghurt and freshly-baked flat bread, while enjoying the spectacular view of Turkey’s coastline.