One week ago, 180+ Go Girls were on their way home (or maybe somewhere new) from the first ever Women in Travel Summit. The Summit was a complete knock-out, and we wanted to share with you some of our favorite moments (in blog and tweet form)!

What I learned at WITS ’14 by Steph Clark
On my three-block walk from the hostel to the conference I noticed there ran metal tracks above the streets to connect all the trains – like veins spread across a city. I loved it. The interconnectedness, the smell of trains as they passed, the rumbling in the streets as people hurdled towards their destination. It couldn’t have been more beautiful. Read More »

Fabulous, Exhausting, Fascinating, Engaging WITS by Jan Ross
I have attended and spoken at a lot of conferences over my career as a Library Media Specialist, even international conferences, but this was my first time presenting as a travel writer and I have never been as impressed as I was at this conference. This group of women travelers was so enthusiastic, so innovative, so fascinating, that I spent most of the time amazed at what they had to offer. Read More »

WITS 14: Top 5 inspirational quotes from speakers at the 2014 Women in Travel Summit by Aimee Thompson
Over the course of a day and a half, I met women from all over the US, Mexico, Brazil and Venezula. I met women who weren’t based in any one city or country but, rather, lived out of their suitcases – all over the world. And, I met women who lived in our shared hometown of Chicago. Each woman had a unique, inspiring story that got me thinking and made me appreciate travel and the art of sharing it with others even more. And, those were just the attendees. Read More »

Bringing Iqaluit to Chicago: Highlights from the Women in Travel Summit by Anubha Momin
Not surprisingly, most of the attendees at WITS had never met anyone who lives in the Arctic, so there were a lot of shocked faces and rapid questions. Clearly, I love talking about Nunavut, my experiences up here, and why I think this place is so special (hence, the blog, the column, the presentation, my general rambles), meaning I was on a major Nuna-high in Chitown. Read More »

The Great White North by Danielle Hastings
The Women In Travel Summit was a conference unlike anything I have experienced before. The atmosphere was incredible – female travelers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, etc. all convened in one place. As the Platinum Sponsors for the event, we got to do a 5 minute talk about our company before introducing the keynote speaker, which was awesome! Read More »

Mon passage au Women in Travel Summit 2014 by Jennifer Doré Dallas
Malgré un grand sérieux professionnalisme dans l’exécution de l’événement, l’ambiance est demeurée humaine, accessible et inclusive. C’était facile d’aller vers les gens et il n’y avait pas de snobisme entre les différents niveaux de blogueurs, comme j’ai déjà vécu ailleurs. Les ateliers, bien que structurés, étaient menés de façon décontractée afin de favoriser des discussions. Read More »

Read this the next time you’re doubting your ability to pursue your dream by Alana Mbanza
WITS revived me. Being around so many women who were in varying stages of travel; departing or arriving, preparing and resting, inspired and affirmed me. It gave me hope that my dream is not impossible, impractical, or irresponsible. Read More »

Women in Travel, we really do rock! by Marissa Dookeran
These may sound like rare individuals but they have proven to women over the years that there is so much more to life; that one is never too old to travel. Women travellers are adventurous and risk takers who are strong enough to stand up and find their best selves. They inspired us to realise that this travel lifestyle is doable; whether we choose to travel solo, with a partner, with kids, however we choose to do it…it is possible! Read More »

Women in Travel Summit by Aditi Giasotta
I formed so many friendships this weekend and I can’t imagine not having had the opportunity to meet these gorgeous and uplifting women! The energy was truly electric and contagious this weekend; positivity and tenacity emanated from each and every person I met. There are no words for how grateful I am for meeting and learning from these women. Read More »

WITS ’14: Top 8 tips from the Women in Travel Summit by Aimee Thompson
At the end of the summit, I gained new insight, new ideas, new contacts, and new friends. And, I can now say I know what all the fuss about blogger conferences is all about. It truly is a place where you can be around other like-minded people who get you, your passion, and your dreams, and are ready to bolster you up, help you grow, point you in the right direction, and cheer you on. Read More »

WITS14: A Sorority of Women Travelers by Lorrie Brooks
We had so many great sessions, I mainly went to the sessions and panels on blogging, learning more about editing, social media and the blogger, and How to be my own everything, which includes publicity, marketing, etc. The panelists were well prepared for their presentations and in some of them we even got to see some banter between them which was lots of fun. I came away with lots of notes and information which I can use to improve this blog. Read More »

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