Hong Kong is a beautiful city with some of the best sightseeing opportunities in the world.  Seven venues or events in Hong Kong will easily keep visitors busy for a couple of days. Some of the most memorable sites in Hong Kong include:

1. See the City from The Peak

The Peak tram in Hong Kong. Photo courtesy of 9to5travel.com

The best way to view the entire city is the visit The Peak. The Peak is Hong Kong’s most popular mountain which can be reached on the Peak Tram. By visiting the The Peak, visitors will join the other three million people who visit this attraction annually. Restaurants and bars at The Peak offer the best views of the city.

From the top, expect to see popular architectural wonders ascending to the sky. At 8 P.M. every evening, Hong Kong’s official skyscraper light-show, the Symphony of the Lights, entertains visitors with lasers and searchlights. Hong Kong features over 7,500 skyscrapers which happens to be the most skyscrapers in any city worldwide.

While at the top, consider visiting Madame Tussauds to view wax statues of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. The one-day tour is not to be missed. Bring a camera and plenty of film or memory to capture the moment.

2. Star Ferry

Star Ferry has been serving visitors since 1888. The ferry travels between Central and Kowloon in Hong Kong. The ferry is wonderful and a relaxing way to view the city. The entire trip only costs a few dollars. The subway is a faster mode of transportation, but if you want to view the city, Star Ferry is a far better choice.

3. Visit Ocean Park

Visitors who love amusement parks should be sure to add Ocean Park to the list of things to do. Ride some of the most thrilling rollercoasters available. The park features educational shows about sharks and dolphins. This is a great venue for families and for people who want to relieve some stress.

4.  Try the Cuisine

Most visitors do not visit another region without indulging in the local cuisine. While in Hong Kong, guests cannot miss trying the world’s best Dim Sum. Dim Sum is excellent cuisine, and many of the restaurants offer a good atmosphere.

5. Visit the Museums and Temples

Hong Kong temples are a great way to be immersed in Chinese culture and learn about Taoism or Buddhism. Chinese festivals are also common in Hong Kong. During these events golden god statues and incense are on display. Temples can be found all over the city.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum will teach people about the history of Hong Kong. The displays are interactive and recommended for teaching younger adults about the historical events of the area.

A market in Hong Kong. Photo courtesy of coromandal.wordpress.com.

6. Visit a Hong Kong Market

Hong Kong is known for its incredible shopping. Many people come into Hong Kong just to people watch and view the incredible displays. Though the displays are beautiful and the people are fun to watch, do not be afraid to shop. There are numerous bargains in the city’s market for the budget-conscious and bargain lovers.

China is the perfect holiday destination for people of all ages and with student flights to Hong Kong being such great value at the moment, now is the perfect time to travel. Whatever you decide to see in Hong Kong, you are sure to be left amazed and wanting to come back for more.