Squeeze Pods are perfectly sized for a travel bag. Image by Ann Santori.

I’m an organized traveler. When I travel, I have my routine . . . and my go-to products. From sinus rinses to purified water, my travels are anything but TSA-compliant.  In theory, I know that I can buy anything I might need when I land at my destination, but I prefer to soothe my anxiety by arriving with everything but the kitchen sink.

Because my suitcase is already so weighed down, I appreciate being able to save space and weight with my toiletries, especially if I can dispose of them before making my return trip and fill the empty space with souvenirs!

Hence my excitement when Squeeze Pod, one of Wanderful’s Women in Travel Summit sponsors, approached me to try out some of their innovative products!

In my ‘tester kit’ I received three-packs (Three pods are included in each individually wrapped foil packet.) of the four products that Squeeze Pod is currently selling on its website — toilet odor eliminator, hair gel, shave cream, and moisturizing lotion — and samples of their four ‘beta’ products: shampoo, conditioner, facial cleanser, and hand purifier.


Easy-open. Image by Ann Santori.

All of Squeeze Pod’s products are certified vegan and cruelty-free  — a quality rarely found in to-go toiletries.

While I certainly believe that Squeeze Pod is manufacturing products that fill a valuable niche, I think that two key changes could really boost its audience:

1.)  Doubling the size of its heavily used products (body wash, hand purifier).

2.)  Padding its line with more products, like the facial cleanser and hair gel, that are harder to find in travel sizes (at least for a reasonable price). I can easily see myself buying Squeeze Pod toothpaste or makeup goods (foundation, liquid eyeshadow, lip gloss).

Overall, I really enjoyed using my pods and have already stowed away my extras in my Westin Edina toiletry bag in anticipation of my next flight.

Now to cover some of the finer points of my experience with Squeeze Pods.

Details, Details . . .

With several of the products, I was able to squeeze (See what I did there?) more than one use out of a single pod — easily done with the lotion, the conditioner, and the shampoo (if you have shorter hair than mine). The facial cleanser left my sensitive skin feeling fresh and didn’t result in any breakouts . . . which couldn’t be said for other ‘natural’ products I’ve tested. The scents of all of the products were light and fruity and could certainly be enjoyed by both men and women without a cloying after-scent.

I also passed along a few of the products to friends and family to get their input. And guess what? The Squeeze Pods held up to even the non-travelers’ scrutiny. My mom, who is obsessed with the state of her cuticles and therefore very picky about her lotions, enjoyed both the orange-y scent of the lotion as well as its quick absorption and lack of greasiness — perfect for the traveler who likes to read/journal in bed and doesn’t want stains speckling their paperback’s pages.


Image courtesy of Squeeze Pod.

What’s Not So Great . . .

The hand purifier was, unfortunately, a miss for me. The gel was too thick and left a sticky residue on my hands after use.  Worse, this is the only pod that doesn’t have enough product inside, and I don’t particularly see the need for another purifier product in plane travel.  Wet naps, small packages of disinfecting wipes, and portable hand sanitizers already flood the market, and Squeeze Pod’s doesn’t add anything particularly unique.

The body wash was mediocre, leaving a slightly oily residue and, kind of annoyingly, being just not enough product for a medium-to-large-sized person. I would suggest picking up a travel-sized version of any of the soap you usually prefer.

A Competitive Price Point

The price point for most of the Squeeze Pod products, ranging from $1.49 to $1.79 per 3-pack, is competitive in comparison with other travel-sized products. With every order on Squeeze Pod’s website, free extra pods are included. Plus, for a limited time, you can get a free variety pack, including three pods of each product!

Have you been lucky enough to try Squeeze Pods? What did you think?

Editors’ Note: Ann’s views of Squeeze Pod are her own and do not representative of Wanderful. Click here for Wanderful’s full disclosure statement.