Dancing in the Fountain: A Review

Karen McCann delivers a great how-to guide with her new novel “Dancing in the Fountain: How to Enjoy Living Abroad.” As a person who has never lived abroad or been…

5 Books for Road Trips

On the Road by Jack Kerouac Probably the most famous road trip book ever written, Kerouac’s fictionalization of his cross-country wanderings is known as the book of the Beat Generation,…

5 Books for London

        5 books for London Orlando by Virginia Woolf One of her lesser known but most beautiful and accessible novels, Orlando: A Biography–written for Woolf’s lover, Vita Sackville-West–is the fantastical…

Base Jumping [credit: santimolina]

Looking for an Extreme Read?

[pullquote] Why are we so fixated with such tales, gory and clichéd as they may be? The very gruesomeness of the material is an undeniable source of fascination. Yet our…

Review: The Lost Girls

Review on the Go: Though anyone over the age of 40 may need to read while accompanied by a copy of the Urban Dictionary, this book, chronicling a year of travel centered around three mid-20s women and their many adventures, is a great travel read for the beach, the salsa club, the hostel and anywhere else you can find a cute guy.

Review: Slow Love

Review-on-the-Go: Slow Love by Dominique Browning is a tale of a magazine editor who breaks down in the recent economic crisis and slowly builds herself up again. Don’t be deceived by the hard cover and pretty text: this is a better beach read than anything else.

Review: The Places In Between

Review on the Go: The Places In Between chronicles Rory Stewart’s walk across Afghanistan in the winter of 2002. Part travel memoir, part history lesson, and part rumination on all things from global politics to local hospitality, The Places In Between is engaging, well-written, and definitely worth a read.

Crumbling House in Cartagena's San Diego Neighborhood

Following Márquez in cartagena

Dostoevsky had Moscow, Dickens had London, and Neruda had Valparaiso.  Many writers have painted beautiful (or beautifully depressing) snapshots of cities, making us feel like we’ve visited and walked the…

Review: A Week at the Airport

Review on the Go: Alain de Botton’s A Week at the Airport, a slim book about a week the author spent living at Heathrow airport and writing about what he…