Tips for Women Traveling in Central Asia

I’m aware that as a woman, my experiences in Central Asia were different than my fellow male travelers. I decided to put together my thoughts to help you if you’re considering a trip to the region – and I asked other women travelers I know who’ve scaled the highest peaks and explored the cities and bazaars for their insights too. Together we’ve identified four main issues you might encounter as a woman traveling in Central Asia, and how to handle them in a culturally-conscious way.

Two people sitting cliffside looking out at the ocean

Navigating Travel With Dementia As A Caregiver

Within the United States alone, over 5.8 million people are living with dementia. That is 5.8 million people with hopes, dreams, passions, and hobbies – many of whom love to travel. So naturally, many of these people will want (or need) to travel in a given year. But how do they navigate this while living with dementia? And as caregivers, how can we enable our loved ones with dementia to travel… without risking their safety?