Sunset at the Barker House

A Wanderful Woman’s Guide to Edenton, North Carolina

Edenton, North Carolina, is known for its waterfront views, historic architecture and Southern hospitality. Most vacationers, luxuriating in a Victorian B&B or dining on fresh seafood, probably wouldn’t think of it as a hub for women’s empowerment. But this laidback town has a rich heritage of powerful women, dating all the way back to the 1770s.

How to Travel as a Same-Sex Interracial Couple

After getting married in 2017, my wife and I started to travel. And in our travels, we’ve come across a few challenges unique to us as an interracial, same-sex couple. Will we be safe? Do we need to be more conscious of our PDA? Can we present ourselves as married? While we haven’t let those challenges stop us from exploring, I’ve gathered a few tips that hopefully will help you along your own journeys!