“Why is my self-worth being so dependent on this other outside activity? Why am I letting someone else decide if I am a great entrepreneur or not. ” ~Beth Santos, on handling rejection 

In this episode, I talk with Beth Santos, Founder and CEO of Wanderful, a global network for women who travel about:

  • traveling domestically vs internationally and how she almost bought a house in New Orleans without ever going there!
  • whether or not to get an MBA before starting your own business,
  • why you should FORGET the traditional business plan,
  • how to build a team around your vision and facilitate a values-driven community,
  • diversifying your sense of self-worth to combat competition and comparison,
  • how to balance being a CEO of your company and family,
  • what it means to “have it all”,
  • and how to validate your idea by starting conversations!

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