Wanderful NYC has chosen The Memory Book: One Woman’s Self-Discovery in the Mist of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy by Linda Fischer to be our June/July travel book club book. Learn more about our travel book club here.

The Memory Book by Linda Fischer

This is the description of the book from the publisher’s website:

On a short vacation to Budapest, the author finds a small leather book in an antique store. Opening it she discovers pages filled with watercolors, drawings, and messages. The book turns out to be a memory book—a keepsake album kept by Central European girls at the turn of the twentieth century in which to record advice and remember special events. This one contains evergreen truisms and aphorisms written to the book’s owner when she visited places few Americans know. Curiosity and concern propel the author on a multi-year journey into the heart of Old Europe and deep into centuries of art, history, and war. The book lives, the girl lives on, and its message of love finds meaning in our time.

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Here’s how it works:

Tuesday, June 1: Book is introduced. Let’s start reading!

TBD in July: Virtual book club meets to discuss the book at 12 PM Eastern time on Twitter using hashtag #wanderfulreads.

Throughout July: Wanderful women discuss the book in person in their local chapters.

Beginning of August: Announcement of our next book!

When are the book clubs meeting?

To learn more about our travel book club and the dates our chapters are meeting, click here.

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