Tips for Women Traveling in Central Asia

I’m aware that as a woman, my experiences in Central Asia were different than my fellow male travelers. I decided to put together my thoughts to help you if you’re considering a trip to the region – and I asked other women travelers I know who’ve scaled the highest peaks and explored the cities and bazaars for their insights too. Together we’ve identified four main issues you might encounter as a woman traveling in Central Asia, and how to handle them in a culturally-conscious way.

How to Travel as a Same-Sex Interracial Couple

After getting married in 2017, my wife and I started to travel. And in our travels, we’ve come across a few challenges unique to us as an interracial, same-sex couple. Will we be safe? Do we need to be more conscious of our PDA? Can we present ourselves as married? While we haven’t let those challenges stop us from exploring, I’ve gathered a few tips that hopefully will help you along your own journeys!

How to Cope with Travel FOMO

“My boss’s friend was just here and told me about this restaurant that he said we have to try,” my friend Kate said on our first night in Barcelona. “Great!”…