BIG NEWS! We’re going to Antarctica with Intrepid Travel and we can’t stop shouting it from the rooftops! If you’ve ever considered such an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime trip, we would love for you to come and join us.

Wanderful and Intrepid Travel have teamed up to launch a cruise trip to Antarctica. We realize this is a unique destination, so we’re also planning well in advance. 

This trip will be taking place from 11-21 January 2023. That’s right: It’s in TWO years.

We want as many of our Wanderful members and allies to join as possible, so we’re hoping the two-year planning time will allow for easier budgeting.

We also know this trip will be a unique opportunity for many of our Wanderful members, but we don’t want your partners or families to miss out! That’s why we’re inviting allies to join us.

This isn’t a women-only trip. Although, we do have lots of women-owned tours to recommend, if you’re interested!

view over the bow of a ship on a trip to Antarctica

About the Antarctica Trip

As most trips to Antarctica do, our journey will begin in Ushuaia, Argentina, which is the world’s southernmost city. Since arriving in Ushuaia will, in itself, be a journey for most, our first day is a simple meetup to discuss embarkation with our trip leaders. The next day, the real journey begins!

We will travel through the Drake Passage and into the Antarctic Peninsula. With a total of 11 days on this journey to Antarctica, you will enjoy time on board the ship as well as ample time on zodiacs and on land.

We’re just so excited! Check out our full Antarctica travel guide

We will spend four days looking for wildlife like penguins, humpback or minke whales, and even leopard seals. All the while, you’ll have time to admire the jaw-dropping glaciers and mountains of this extraordinary landscape.

While on board, Intrepid Travel offers lessons on marine biology, glaciology, and Antarctic history from their in-house experts. Intrepid Travel is a leader in responsible and sustainable trips, and we love their emphasis on education to make this trip more than a simple vacation.  

Antarctica trip itinerary map for Wanderful and Intrepid Travel

Booking Details & Advice

Intrepid Travel is opening 100 seats on their 200-seat ship, Ocean Endeavour, specifically for women and allies in the Wanderful community. Wanderful members and allies will also have special activities and goodies exclusively available to us on board.

Additionally, every Wanderful Antarctica traveler gets one year of free membership to our global community! Within our global community, we also have an exclusive sub-group to stay connected with your Antarctica pals. Throughout these two years of planning and budgeting, we’ll have tips and insights for our group to help everyone stay on track and keep our excitement going!

To book a space for this Wanderful Antarctica journey, you must put down a $1,000 non-refundable deposit. 

Booking is now open and will stay open until 15 April, or until all our 100 spaces are filled.

Don’t risk missing your chance! 

If you want to join, be sure to pay your deposit as soon as possible!

Book your spot to join Wanderful in Antarctica with Intrepid Travel

kayakers admiring glaciers during an Antarctica trip with Intrepid Travel and Wanderful

Reasons to Love Intrepid Travel

Wanderful has partnered with Intrepid travel for this journey with very clear goals and reasons in mind.

Environmental impact is at the heart of this journey. Each Antarctica expedition taken with Intrepid Travel is carbon offset, serving only sustainably sourced seafood, avoiding single-use plastics, and using only biodegradable and phosphate-free cleaning products to keep this region’s environment and wildlife protected. 

Leigh Barnes, Intrepid Travel’s Chief Customer Officer, says, “Intrepid Travel is excited to be partnering with Wanderful on this bucket-list expedition to Antarctica.”

We’ve always believed in the power of travel to educate and inspire people, ” Barnes continued. “And we have no doubt that collaborating with such a like-minded community will highlight the power of travel for good, foster dialogue about responsible travel initiatives, create lasting connections and memories, and of course, be an impactful experience for all involved. As the world’s largest adventure travel company and an industry leader in responsible tourism, we’re proud to offer a Polar product that speaks to these values.”

Wanderful will also be organizing special activities on board for our own group, so keep an eye out for those details during our planning stage! 

We’re also here to help with long-term budgeting for such a unique destination. We’ll offer plenty of tips and opportunities to help make the trip as affordable as possible, including giving you all two years to make payments. We’ll also be offering advice and tricks on how to save along the way.

“For so many people, Antarctica feels like an impossible trip. It’s far away, and expensive. That’s why we’re particularly excited about this partnership with Intrepid,” said Beth Santos, CEO and Founder of Wanderful.

“They’re helping us make this trip as affordable as possible by giving our travelers two years to make payments, and we’re working with them to help budget along the way so they can make this trip happen. Plus, anyone who joins us will automatically be part of our Wanderful community and have 99 other amazing women to live this experience with, and that’s life-changing.”

That’s right – if you’re not already a Wanderful member, you’ll get 1 free year of membership after signing up for the Antarctica trip! We have a special sub-group within our community so you can get to know your fellow Antarctica travelers ahead of the trip.

Ready to book? Reserve your space while you still can!

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