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Travel Around the World for Wanderful’s Birthday on May 22

Have you ever traveled the world in one day? Now you can – without leaving your home!

Wanderful is celebrating its 6th birthday on May 22nd and to mark this major milestone, we’re taking you around the world to meet some of the people who have made Wanderful what it is today! Our community members will be taking you on a tour of their home cities, giving you some insider tips of what to see, where to eat, and what you absolutely should not miss. The best part? You can travel the world in the comforts of your very home!

Follow along our worldwide tour on @sheswanderful on Instagram and catch a new city at every hour on our Stories! Curious about where we’ll be headed? Some of our stops include Madrid, Chicago, Manzanillo, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, London, and Quito.

With 46 local chapters around the world, Wanderful is all about creating a community of women who can be helpful to each other, wherever we may be. And we can’t wait to show you all of that in action!

Wanderful Team
We are the Wanderful Team, helping connect women travelers everywhere. Join our international membership community of globally-minded women to connect, learn, share, and celebrate! Visit

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  1. I am happy with your blog. You shared the road trip information is really awesome and very useful. Great blog. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. awesome post. “travel around the world in one day” enjoyed it keep sharing.

  4. Less than 5 years a go I was learning how to Skydive and Weld; now I rarely feel the drive to try something new.

    I feel like I’m stuck in an rut… my life has grown boring, and yet my fear of failing at something keeps me from even trying anything new.

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