We’re so excited to tell you that Go Girl has just launched its 14th hub, in Seattle, Washington!


Introducing: The Go Girls of Seattle, Washington, USA!

Go Girls of Seattle announcement

Are you in the area? Visit our Go Girls of Seattle page here to stay up-to-date with event information and to sign up for their first gathering.

Want to plan meetups in a city near you? Click here to learn about being a local organizer.

Meet the Go Girls of Seattle organizers, Andrea Lai and Valerie Stimac!

Andrea Lai      Valerie Stimac

Andrea Lai is a Chicagoan who recently arrived in Seattle (among the many fleeing 2014’s polar vortex?). She currently works as a process engineer, but the job occasionally takes her abroad (most notably long stints in Auckland, New Zealand and Shanghai, China) and constantly finds herself bitten by the travel bug. She has a particular love of trying to replicate food from her travels at home — ask her about her savory pies sometime!

Valerie Stimac is a Seattle-based freelance marketer who runs the blog Valerie & Valise. She’s been in Seattle for about 18 months following a year in London and many other previous destinations (including growing up in Alaska!). She loves food, architecture, and weirdly, the feeling of getting lost and then found again in a new city.

Let’s give a big warm welcome to our 14th global chapter!