Yosemite National Park, covering over 750,000 acres, was established in 1890.  Here you can see topography that is millions of years old.  What does that mean for the Go Girl traveler?  Amazing landscapes, waterfalls, hikes, and photo opportunities.

Breathtaking landscape at Yosemite

Just to remind you, we are traveling with dogs.  Most national parks allow dogs, but you are very limited in your movements.  Yosemite is best known for its waterfalls, which are almost all accessed by hiking trails.  Dogs are restricted from the trails, but we enjoyed a lovely driving tour through the park and got some amazing photos.

Half Dome

We were lucky to have a sunny and clear day.  We were able to view Half Dome, probably the most famous rock formation within Yosemite.  This granite crest rises more than 4,700 feet above the valley floor.

Enjoying the Yosemite scenery!

There are a few lakes within the park, some with picnic areas.  These glacier-fed lakes are the most crystal clear waters I have ever seen.

Mountain Stream in Yosemite

We had planned to camp overnight at the park, but by the time we got there in early afternoon, all of the first come/first serve campgrounds were full.  If you are visiting in the summer, I highly recommend you reserve your spot in advance if you want to camp.  We ended up camping close by at June Lake in Inyo National Forest.

Sunset near June Lake camp

If you are in the area, Yosemite is worth a visit.  There is no place like it!