A Walk on the Wild Side in New Zealand

New Zealand often lives in the shadow of Australia, but it is a must-see country for trekkers, backpackers, and urban lovers alike. It is also an amazingly diverse country that…

Preparing for Kilimanjaro

At some point in late August 2013, I was sitting in a hotel room, tired as can be, contemplating my next vacation. I was on a work trip and it…

Scotland and the Ninja

Most people associate Scotland with rolling hills, kilts and the Loch Ness monster. When I think of Scotland, I fondly remember a beautiful, black, perfectly engineered Kawasaki Ninja ZZR 1400….

Base Jumping [credit: santimolina]

Looking for an Extreme Read?

[pullquote] Why are we so fixated with such tales, gory and clichéd as they may be? The very gruesomeness of the material is an undeniable source of fascination. Yet our…

Review: The Places In Between

Review on the Go: The Places In Between chronicles Rory Stewart’s walk across Afghanistan in the winter of 2002. Part travel memoir, part history lesson, and part rumination on all things from global politics to local hospitality, The Places In Between is engaging, well-written, and definitely worth a read.